Our Products

Meditalia is an international company whose activity is focused on the production of medical grade polymeric alloys with qualitative characteristics and standards compliant with the requirements of International Pharmacopoeias.

Experience and production technologies allow Meditalia to offer a vast range of products that can be adapted to customer requirements.

The creation of the medical compound, the first step of the transformation chain, is carried out in a modern, completely closed and automated granulation plant in order to avoid possible contamination. The tubular and tube extrusion department is in a production area of ​​250 square meters (clean room – ISO 7) subjected to microbial and particle contamination checks.

The department is equipped with modern and validated extrusion and product wrapping systems that allow the production of films and tubes perfectly suited to the intended use: constancy of dimensional parameters, homogeneous winding, chemical stability, absence of material degradation.

The tube production plant is equipped with a laser detector of the dimensional parameters (internal diameter, external diameter, wall thickness) to guarantee continuous monitoring of the quality of the finished product.

The bag production department is built in an area of ​​600 square meters (clean room – ISO 7), subjected to checks on microbial contamination of the air, surfaces and air particles.

Medical Compound

Polymeric alloy granules are used as a basis for production. They are produced by MEDITALIA using proprietary and registered polymer formulations, in a pure material that does not release any type of additive.

Medical layflat tubing and tubes

Plastic films and tubes are used for the production of bags, infusion sets and transfusors.

Medical bags

MEDITALIA includes medical bags for infusion, nutritional and chemotherapeutic applications, bags for uses that include extracorporeal circulation beyond the collection and storage of blood components.

Medical devices

Blood research activities have led Meditalia to develop and patent medical devices (bag systems).