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The bio-medical district of Valtellina was born in the 70’s as the protagonist of the development of the Italian infusional sector. In 1980, Pierrel Hospital founded the current Lovero (So) production site specializing in the manufacture of compound medical grade materials for tubular, tubings and bags for hospital use.

Meditalia is an Italian company that has been operating for over 40 years in the production and sales of raw materials and finished products for use in the medical field. Our production site is located in Valtellina, north – Lombardia – in the province of Sondrio.

Starting from the production of PVC, PP, EVA grade plastic tubes and tubings – trademarks Solutran®, Solucare®, NutriEVA® – compliant with the requirements of International Pharmacopoeia and used by pharmaceutical companies and / or by processing companies working in the biomedical sector.

Meditalia is also present in the hospital market with its own branded CE products, such as:

  • Blood Bags – Solutran®hemo
  • Ozone self-therapy bags – Solutran®hemo O2O3 brand
  • Bags for collecting and evaluating blood loss during childbirth – Kifarm®
  • Multiple bags for the preparation and administration of the cordonal blood gel BioNest®

The experience and know-how achieved in nearly 40 years of activity allows us to offer our customers customized products to the market in accordance with the technical and dimensional specifications required.

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Clinical trials on Solutran compound formulations and launch in the market of bags filled with infusion solutions, Pierrel Hospital becomes a leader on the domestic market


Important clinical trials of Solutran is carried out on containers filled with infusion solutions with bicarbonate


Born of MGS Medical Grade System, the industrial company that focuses on the development of all possible applications of the compound of the Medical grade Solutran for the filling of empty bags in infusion solutions, the production of tubular semi-finished products and medical grade tubes, Empty bags for infusional use


The company completes all Quality Certifications in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, develops and obtains CE Certification for various medical devices medical devices: blood deflators and transfusers, and in particular for a special container used for control Of blood loss during the delivery phase, obtaining the CE mark of the device, with the trademark Kifarm


MGS – Medical Grade System – is acquired by Meditalia Srl, which pursues to develope the established tradition and know-how in international hospitals and pharmaceutical companies


Successfully complete clinical trials on the hemo, compound, tubular and bags of Solutran for the production of bags for the containment and fractionation of human blood, obtaining excellent results in relation to the state of the art, accredited by the Policlinico di Milano transfusion center which led the study. R&D and manufactures a new PVC-free monolayer compound, branded Solucare for PVC-free PVC bags and tubes.


The company renews its Quality Certifications by adapting the regulations in accordance with UNI EN 1SO 9001: 2008.
It launches the clinical trial on the compound, raw material and bags for the containment and fractionation of blood for human use by developing the medical grade compound – Solutran hemo. R&D and realize the tubular NutriEva used for the production of bags for the Nutrition sector. R&D a particular compound, Solutran G, used for drainage bags and for the Blood Management sector. R&D a particular Kit, Solutran hemo O2O3 for the administration of a blend of ozone in autologous hematology.


The company renews Certifications by adapting the regulations in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008; UNI EN ISO 13485: 2003.
R&D a patent in co-operation with the Fondazione Cà Granda – Hospital Maggiore Policlinico, for a special kit in the preparation and administration of a platelet concentrate obtained from the cordonal blood


After obtaining the CE certificate at the end of 2016, the company officially launches the SOLUTRAN® Hemo Blood Bags.


The company renews the certification of the quality management system UNI EN ISO 13485: 2016. Furthermore it obtains the CE certificate which will be the starting for the launch on the world market of the SOLUTRAN® Hemo Accessory Bags and of the new BioNest System patented by Meditalia with the collaboration of the CaGranda Foundation – Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico of Milan.


To complete the BioNest System line, a new product has been developed specifically for the preparation of multiple aliquots of platelet gel from adult donor platelets. Meditalia patent already covered by CE certification.

Our products

Medical Compound

Polymeric alloy granules are used as a basis for production. They are produced by MEDITALIA using proprietary and registered polymer formulations, in a pure material that does not release any type of additive.

Medical layflat tubing and tubes

Plastic films and tubes are used for the production of bags, infusion sets and transfusors..

Medical bags

MEDITALIA includes medical bags for infusion, nutritional and chemotherapeutic applications, bags for uses that include extracorporeal circulation beyond the collection and storage of blood components.

Medical Device

Blood research activities have led Meditalia to develop and patent medical devices (bag systems).